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The iPhone 5, iOS 6 and Apple Maps

September 22nd, 2012 No comments

Can't even find their own stores

I know this topic has been discussed to death lately, but I thought I’d put all my thoughts in one place, once and for all.

Apple released the iPhone 5 (6th Generation iPhone…) yesterday to much enthusiasm from the typical fans and a big yawn from the rest of the world. Let me first say that Apple should have either gone with simply calling it “The New iPhone” like they did with the iPad (3rd Generation) or they should have just skipped up to the iPhone 6. After all, it is the 6th iPhone and it runs iOS 6. It just makes sense to me. Read more…


September 1st, 2012 1 comment

A Map of the Top Toll Violators by ZIP in the North Texas Tollway Authority system
This is a map, that shows the number of Tollway Violations (Not Paying Tolls) in North Texas. The map obviously highlights the areas that fail to pay the most.

As a First Day Opening Session RNC convention in Tampa, Florida.Republican, you would see these as the locations to institute crack downs. You would increase police forces at Tollways and arrest the violators. This will reduce crime (not paying the tolls) and clean up the streets. You would ensure better toll collections in problem areas, generating more revenue and allowing for lower taxes. Read more…

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