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A Map of the Top Toll Violators by ZIP in the North Texas Tollway Authority system
This is a map, that shows the number of Tollway Violations (Not Paying Tolls) in North Texas. The map obviously highlights the areas that fail to pay the most.

As a First Day Opening Session RNC convention in Tampa, Florida.Republican, you would see these as the locations to institute crack downs. You would increase police forces at Tollways and arrest the violators. This will reduce crime (not paying the tolls) and clean up the streets. You would ensure better toll collections in problem areas, generating more revenue and allowing for lower taxes.

As a Democrat, you would see the map differently. Your ability to read the deeper meaning behind this map reveals that this shows the areas that are struggling. If they aren’t paying something as trivial as the tolls, what else must they be struggling with in their lives? Maybe they are short on rent, dragging along a maxed out credit limit and debilitating interest payments. Maybe they are a single parent, working two jobs to put their children through public college. For some, those $12 tolls are the difference between making the minimum payment this month or not. Instead of harass them for being in a situation we built, we should help them out. Our goal Obama Logo LGBT Rainbowneeds to be that all of these towns are equal, and we are going to get there by getting them jobs and putting them on their feet. Those are actions that live up to the reputation our forefathers have laid down for us.

The Republican Party has turned itself into a nasty monster hell-bent on keeping its way, and willing to sacrifice any shred of reality that it’s honestly gotten a bit absurd really. They puppet out on the global stage they have presented for themselves, and spew whatever garbage they want because they know more and more will just eat it up. You throw fact after double-blind, accredited, PhD, team of absolute subject matter experts peer-reviewed fact at them and they just sidestep it, and come right back at you seemingly to them and their followers to have disarmed you despite obvious logic would dictate.

I honestly can’t say that I really put all my support in the Democrats either. Obama came to us with strong convictions and an unstoppable attitude. But the GOP are a force to be reckoned with. Obama has had to cave and adapt. He’s not perfect, but compared to the empty hull of a smiling New Englander, he’s a much safer and obvious bet. Sure some of his policies and programs could use a second look, but to crudely stop what already barely works would be devastating.

Abe Lincoln Riding a GrizzlyIt’s time for people to step out of their walled in shells, and to free themselves of these labels and parties and think of what is truly best for all. Does the fact that something personally bothers you really need to prevent it from happening? Besides, if, as most of you do, you believe in a higher power and a final judgement day one day, then justice will be served when their time comes. Why not let the almighty pass judgement then, than to try to speak for her now. The simple fact is that no matter how hard your life is, people have it worse. You have to consider what impact things will have on us all before you let others behind the wheel.

I’d love to debate anyone who disagrees.

P.S. The PDF version from the North Texas Tollway Authority found here is from Acrobat 7 which Adobe released in January 2005 and replaced in November 2006. One can only infer that this Tollway Authority could also really use some help. Although the rest of their website seems to be doing alright.

Original PDF

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  1. Chris
    March 30th, 2013 at 03:34 | #1

    All what you say is true. As a Texas, we have a “lone ranger” of a governor that will do anything to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer. He will protect his Oil and Gas industries. this is why you see such a discrepancy in toll bills. I dont know if you read some individuals owe more than $100,000.00, and they have the lawyers to keep them out of jail. They want to be able to impound your car if they stop you with back toll dues, ONLY if they stop you on a toll road. Its all Bull shit down here. Thanks for watching out up there.

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