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Smart Controllers

November 8th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Microsoft recently released a new controller for the Xbox 360. The only real difference was that the d-pad now can be twisted lowering the corners and giving players a more traditional 4-way d-pad experience. While it is unlikely that they’ll update the controller again before the release of their next console, I’ve come up with an upgrade that I think would really upgrade the Xbox experience.

I think most gamers can agree that there’s always been that one controller that is “theirs”. Back in the N64 days, between my brother and friends, I always used a specific controller. It was mine. Microsoft now has an array of controllers in different colors, and most gamers similarly have a specific controller that is “theirs”. So imagine a controller, that has a tiny amount of memory, which allows it to remember gamer profiles. Instead of picking up any controller and signing into my account, I could pick up my controller and be signed into my account. The beauty of this really exposes when you consider using multiple consoles.


Microsoft already allows me to sign my profile into multiple consoles (not at the same time). For example, when I go over my friend’s house, I bring a controller, pair it with his console, and can sign into my account. Now imagine if instead, I could simply bring my controller to his house, turn it on, and it would automatically detect his Xbox, pair, and sign in to my account. Much like Bluetooth, you could define a hierarchy for both console preference (if for example two Xboxes are within range of each other) as well as profiles so for example, my profile will always be player 1 on my Xbox regardless if I turn my controller on first or not. Additional for profiles, you could set restricted access for “guest” profiles, for example, limiting my friends from modifying my system settings (deleting files, changing passwords, etc.)


This system would be pretty easy to implement and I think would really set the console apart from the rest. Maybe in the next Xbox, but I’ll probably have to keep dreaming…



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